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Increased visibility across the entire cold chain

Maintaining the Cold Chain

With increasing globalization, the importance of an efficient, reliable, and transparent cold chain is critical to ensure that when products reach their destination that they are fresh and safe for the consumer.  Billions of dollars’ worth of perishable and temperature sensitive products moves through the cold chain each and every year. Accordingly, the need for increased visibility and management around such products is also growing fast.  

Food Safety and Risk Management

Governments and regulatory agencies are scrambling to find the ways and means to impose rules and regulations to safeguard consumers against risks associated with contaminated or spoiled products.  For companies who have not complied with or focused on adhering to these ever-changing policies, the consequence can be both financially and publically damaging.  There are numerous recent examples of how consumers have been negatively impacted and, unfortunately in some cases, have died due to improper handling of product through the cold chain.  In addition to penalties, lawsuits and fines, the lasting public relations damage can last for a long time.  It also must be noted that even if the product is ultimately safe for consumption, quality may be adversely affected.  Again, the impact will be an erosion of brand loyalty and market share which will ultimately have an unfavorable impact on a company’s finances.  

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings within the Cold Chain

In addition, there are a significant number of assets involved in the cold chain, all which rely on some sort of refrigeration in order to keep product at the correct temperature during the journey to the store shelves.  These assets use a tremendous amount of fuel and energy to run, so better management of these assets can save significant dollars for a company while creating a smaller carbon footprint for the environment.  

End-To-End Visibility For Cold Chain Security & Efficiency

Cooltrax unique cold chain solution provides both visibility and traceability of products through the cold chain process, as well as management of the various cold chain assets, such as optimizing refrigeration cycles times, set point management, defrost cycles and other events that effect refrigeration usage.

Cooltrax Cold Chain Technology is More Than Temperature Monitoring

Cooltrax cold chain solutions provide temperature monitoring, GPS tracking, real-time alerts, wireless control and productivity and cost-cutting insights for: 

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