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The leader in real-time cold temperature monitoring system for fleets, cold stores and manufacturing.

Our state-of-the-art Cooltrax cold temperature monitoring system allows you to track temperature sensitive products like never before. By combining active RF technology with internet-based tracking software, product temperatures can be captured and reported automatically in real-time – whether from inside a reefer, a distribution center or a refrigerated retail cabinet. A single interface provides access to this data from around the globe, 24/7.

From perishable foods through to pharmaceuticals, Cooltrax cold temperature monitoring system serves diverse needs of our clients across every part of the cold chain:

Six reasons to use Cooltrax

  1. Better shelf life. Fresher safer products
  2. Reduce costs. Longer shelf life generates increased profit
  3. Less waste. Enhanced environmental and financial performance
  4. Real-time response. Take immediate action when an incident occurs, not when it is too late
  5. Greater transparency. Know the current status of your products, assets and people 24/7
  6. Meeting regulatory requirements. Stay up to date with industry standards to protect your brand

Fresh inTransit – transport applications including road trailers, rail containers and sea containers
Fresh inStore – retail environment applications including enclosed merchandising cabinets, cool stores and freezers
Fresh inSide – supply chain applications for managing product surface and core temperatures in transport, storage and retail

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