Increase product shelf life with real-time cold temperature monitoring

Fresh inSide provides secure world-wide web access to the location, custody, temperature and remaining shelf-life of perishable products as they travel along the supply chain in real time 24/7. Fresh inSide leverages the latest available technologies and integrates to other Cooltrax solutions to deliver the worlds’ first real-time end-to-end perishables monitoring solution.

Measurable benefits:

  • Reduced product losses and increased profit
  • Ability to define and select shipments based on actual rather than predicted remaining shelf-life
  • Compliance with food monitoring requirements and regulations
  • Enhanced customer service and maintenance of brand
  • Improved internal processes/practices from easily accessed data
  • For farms, Cooltrax reports on how long it takes a product to arrive to the “shed” from the picking field then how long to cool it
  • Monitors air temperature and core temperature of product, increasing product integrity and shelf life, and allowing for scrutiny of equipment and processes
  • Reports that previously took months to prepare can be produced daily due to automation. Reporting smarts produce historical graphs showing location via temperature readings and UMD placements
  • When loss of connectivity occurs the tags revert to a data logger. When connectivity is re-established all data is uploaded
  • Monitor individual journeys from suppliers.
  • Food service businesses can track shipment of product being chilled in blast chillers, baine maries etc
  • Transport companies can track individual products in a shipment as an add on to monitoring the location and temperature of the reefer

Key service features:

  • Secure login from anywhere at any time
  • Current and historical temperature, remaining shelf-life and custody information available via graphs and reports
  • Current and historical location information available via digital maps
  • Notification of specified events available via SMS and/or email
  • Create, view and schedule reports on key performance indicators, benchmarks and exceptions

Key hardware features:

  • Long range wireless tags for monitoring temperature with automatic data upload when in range of reader
  • Interface to warehouse management systems to enable dispatch decisions based on remaining shelf-life
  • Use of 3G/GSM networks or LAN for high coverage and low cost data transfer

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