Leveraging only compartment temperature, is an outdated and ineffective approach to managing food safety.

Industry leaders Ben E. Keith, Cheney Brothers and others are adopting the Cooltrax Wireless probe technology. This allows them to wirelessly monitor individual pallets and get a consistent report on product temperature vs the erratic and misleading ambient air temperature inherent in traditional reporting. These early adopters can testify to their ROI based upon customer retention, saved loads and fuel conservation while making great strides toward overall brand protection.

Previously, monitoring of temperature showed the standard, yet erratic, nature of the Food Distribution environment. Whether in transport or storage – defrost cycles, door openings, and reefer events created more questions than answers with reports showing volatile temperature swings that didn’t truly correspond to true product temperature. Leading to lost loads, poor customer perception, fees, fines and lost business. If you find defending ambient data continues to hamper your ability to convey your commitment to food safety – We have a solution for you.

Leaders in the industry are moving to automated temperature monitoring to take the burden off of drivers and get more accurate and defensible temperature reporting. Adopting this technology has improved customer relationships, won them business and saved them dollars in lost loads, fees and fines. As part of the Cooltrax temperature monitoring suite, the commercial grade Cooltrax Wireless probe augments the data being captured from the reefer, exposing the most critical and defensible data point- temperature at product level.


  • Dramatically reduces the risk of exposing incriminating ambient temperature stamps
  • Marketing true commitment to food safety and food quality
  • Capturing credible temperature reports at product level
  • Real-time alerts, based on product health
  • Protection of your Brand


  • Tethered in multi-temp trailer zones – communicating real time to Cooltrax Gateway
  • Untethered in pallet shipments – communicating real time to Cooltrax Gateway
  • Untethered in palletized shipments –storing in data logger mode
  • Untethered in box or container – storing in data logger mode
Wireless 430 MHz UHF ISM
Wireless Range 300 ft (clear line of site)
Battery Life 1-3 years (based on environment)
Battery 3.6v lithium thionyl chloride
Transmit Power 10 dbm max burst per transmit
Temp Accuracy + .5 F
Temp Range -40 F – 176 F
Settling Rate < 30 seconds
Certification NSF, NIST traceable
Plastic Resin Commercial Grade
Durability IP 67
Temp Stamp Every 10 mins
Memory 31,488 samples – in log mode
Compatibility Cooltrax Universal Gateway Data Logger when out of range
Dimensions 5.25” x 7”
Barcode Embedded in label

Ensure compliance at every step with product level monitoring using the Cooltrax Wireless Probe.