The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) focuses on preventing food safety problems, and impacts primarily shippers, carriers, loaders and receivers. Requirements include additional driver training, written procedures, greater record-keeping retention requirements and other efforts of enforcement.

FSMA Checklist for Carriers

fsma compliance checklist

Foodborne illnesses are a significant challenge. Each year, over 48 million people in the United States become sick with such illnesses, with over 128,000 being hospitalized, and over 3,000 cases being fatal. These challenges are magnified among populations that have immunity deficeincies, such as infants, pregnant women, senior citizens and those with chronic or severe health challenges. Furthermore, some of these illnesses can sometimes lead to life-long chronic conditions, such as arthritis or kidney failure.

Today, over 15% of the U.S. food supply originates outside of our borders, which obviously creates greater concerns around handling and distribution prior to arriving at local retail stores. Secondly, our food supply chain processes are becoming increasingly more complex, with many new foods entering the market every day, presenting new potential challenges. And with a changing demographic, the U.S. population is viewed as being more susceptible to foodborne illnesses.

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New regulations present a greater level of required inspection and compliance for businesses in the food supply chain. Specifically, new requirements include:

  • Mandated inspection frequency
  • Mandatory recall
  • Expanded records access
  • Expanded administrative detention
  • Suspension of registration
  • Enhanced product tracing
  • Third party laboratory testing

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