New Era of Smarter Food Safety

With the FDA’s new era of smarter food safety on the horizon, companies in the food service supply chain will need to abide by the impending updates to food safety rules and regulations. Cooltrax technology covers many of the expected regulations from farm to fork, including transportation, retail and distribution centers. The Cooltrax Fresh InTransit solution is the only temperature monitoring solution that allows two-way control of the reefer, aggregated and historical reefer trailer data and independent temperature and product level monitoring.

Cooltrax: A Global Leader in Cold Chain Visibility and Food Safety Solutions.

“We provide our customers a real-time industrial IoT platform with a suite of cold chain solutions that provide unparalleled visibility and control of their entire cold chain. Our customers recognize that it’s crucial to have all their temperature and cold chain data in one central portal”

- Mike Sharpe - President, Cooltrax Americas

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Fresh InTransit

Track temperature, location and operation of refrigerated trailers in real-time

Fresh InStore

Monitor temperatures in cool stores, refrigerators, retail cabinets and climate controlled areas

Fresh InSide

Follow the location, handling, temperature and shelf-life of perishable products throughout the cold chain

Fresh Mobile

Monitor and control the cold chain in real-time from a variety of mobile devices