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Totally Wireless, Cost-effective Temperature Management, and Compliance for Fleet and Facility

“Cooltrax has delivered solutions across our diverse fleet. We see value in having a partner that is solely dedicated to cold chain in transport…”

Jeff Wismans, National Director- Fleet Operations, UNFI

“At the end of the day, everything we do is based on delivering high-quality products our customers can depend on. Cold chain management is absolutely central to that. Our relationship with Cooltrax has enabled us to dramatically simplify this very complex challenge – and they handled the entire implementation process, which made it virtually pain-free.”

Dick Hairston, Director of Transportation, Ben E. Keith Company

“Our primary focus at CP is to offer reliable, efficient services that help our customers achieve their objectives, which include delivery of products and services across many geographic regions. Installing Cooltrax technology delivered an unprecedented level of innovation, and more importantly, gave CP temperature visibility and control, which is crucial as the industry is facing growing challenges to ensure products are handled and delivered safely and within required temperature ranges.”

Jonathan Wahba, Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Intermodal, Canadian Pacific Railway

“Cooltrax Fresh InStore provides us with real-time alerts and detailed logs of temperature range data. This information is vitally important, especially during the summer months, for us to respond immediately to any refrigeration issues and ensure the food we serve to our customers is safe. The solution also provides an audit trail that we can use to show compliance with government entities.”

Davis Herron, Director Retail & Restaurant at Lobster Place

“When we looked to upgrade our trailer telematics solution across the fleet we evaluated the leading vendors. Cooltrax was so far in front of their competitors in the area of product level monitoring, the decision was clear. We are implementing Cooltrax in trailers, straight trucks, and Sprinter vans.”

Keith Sanders, Director of Corporate IT

“Cooltrax has been instrumental in allowing us achieve temperature compliance across the business and provide customers with transparent and tangible proof that we are delivering their precious cargo in the best possible condition. Cooltrax has been at the forefront of development and offers us a distinct advantage over other competitors and is now standard fitment to our fleet of over 100 refrigerated vehicles”.

Alistair Waites, Business Manager

“Cooltrax has been like an insurance policy for us. Our drivers and our night managers are relieved and really, quite frankly thrilled that they don’t have to record temperatures with pen and paper. And then on the management side of things, we are extremely confident knowing that we can provide information if a customer or regulatory agency requests data or asks any questions.”

John Walsh, Director of Compliance, Ace Endico

“Cooltrax showed us that we could monitor fuel levels and the performance of the reefer in real-time. They also provided information about the conditions outside the reefer in-transit, and even recorded door opens and closes. It was an amazing amount of visibility.”

Davis Herron, Director Retail & Restaurant at Lobster Place

“Cooltrax showed us that we could monitor fuel levels and the performance of the reefer in real-time. They also provided information about the conditions outside the reefer in-transit, and even recorded door opens and closes. It was an amazing amount of visibility.”

Michael Garstka, Sarasota, FL Operations Manager

“Our entire Transportation team relies on Cooltrax to bring attention to any units that could bring risk to our commitment to temperature compliance. Our drivers appreciate that we have their back by monitoring the elements that play into meeting our temperature standards. Reefers do fail, and Cooltrax provides the information we need to make good decisions when product could be at risk. I can’t imagine managing a fleet this size without Cooltrax….”

Thomas Pigo, Transportation Manager, UNFI

Cooltrax has offered a great solution to our current temperature monitoring system. The monitoring device is easily installed under 10 minutes without a technician as opposed to 45 minutes per vehicle with technicians.  The cost of this is 5 times less than the competitors on the market. This has made our vehicles FSMA compliant and is being audited against multiple audit schemes with no violations. Cooltrax also has added benefits of GPS tracking, Geofencing, alerts, with much more included than other vendors can offer. We are happy with our investment and will continue use of this product in the future.

Bob Hoecker, Greco and Sons


Our mission at Cooltrax is to supply innovation to food carriers and distributors ensuring goods are transported and stored at safe and compliant temperatures. As the FDA’s new era of smarter food safety approaches we stand ready to help you create a culture of food safety in your organization, safeguard your brand and become more valuable to your customer with our leading-edge technology that captures, monitors and reports real-time temperatures in trailers, storage, in-store and at the product level.

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