About Cooltrax

We’re constantly moving forward, so we always have your back


To supply technology innovation to food carriers and distributors ensuring products are transported and stored at safe and compliant temperatures.


When it comes to cold chain management, our roots run deep.  For over two decades, we’ve helped companies across the globe manage their cold chain. From our early roots in monitoring reefers across the Australian Outback, we’ve innovated our platform into a global solution that captures temperatures in each critical link of the cold chain.

Our patented cold chain management solution for perishable products powers us to track and control the temperature across the network, at each stage, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers. As our client, you can enjoy the advantage of our trademark Cooltrax Wireless Gateway and Sensors including two-way reefer remote control, wireless temperature sensors, wireless door sensors, and wireless product level sensors.

Our arsenal of innovations also includes being the first in the world to deliver IoT wireless sensor solutions in a trailer and we are one of the few companies, globally, licensed to integrate both Carrier and Thermo King reefers; a value addition that is enjoyed by our clients the world over. Australia’s largest rail entity was one of our first clients to experience this service, coupled with our wireless temperature sensor solutions.

Cooltrax Asia Pacific was founded in 2003 on the back of a farm-to-fork cold chain patent. Cooltrax Americas followed close on the heels in 2009. Over the years we have introduced many innovative solutions to the cold chain market that comply with even the recent FSMA mandates. 

With Cooltrax, you are at the service of the leader in temperature control monitoring and reporting. Join our global community of cold chain suppliers. 


We’ve got your back. Whether you’re looking for a FSMA compliance solution, or a way to become more valuable to your customers by adopting a culture of food safety, Cooltrax is here for you. Our leading-edge technology captures, monitors and reports real-time temperatures in trailers, storage, in-store and at the product level.

Our Customers were able to realize these benefits with the help of Cooltrax:

  • Greater agility & revenue growth

  • Comprehensive temperature services

  • Increased product & food safety

  • Reduction of waste & better asset utilization

  • Improved regulatory compliance

  • Better employee productivity

The Why – Why Customers Choose Cooltrax

  • Committed- dedicated to meeting the needs of Food Distributors

  • Focused- deliberate in delivering solutions solely around temperature management

  • Seamless- blending all fleet assets into one user experience

  • Knowhow- unmatched industry experience building, installing, onboarding, and supporting

  • Collaborative- listening and delivering solutions that have high impact and return