Track and Manage Powered and Non-powered Assets

Gain visibility into the location of your equipment and how it’s being used. Asset Tracking allows you to easily locate your powered and non-powered assets faster and more accurately, even in the most extreme environments and locations.

Our rugged and compact devices feature a low-profile design and weatherproof housing that withstands the harshest conditions without sacrificing tracking and communications performance. Easy to install hardware can be installed internally or externally on any asset such as trailers, dry vans, rental equipment, shipping containers, freight and more.  Contact us to speak to a Cooltrax team member about pricing.

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Trailer Tracker

  • Track high-value powered assets in real time
  • Monitor engine mileage and usage
  • Protect assets with proactive maintenance and service alerts
  • Create a virtual perimeter around assets with geofence and landmark alerts
  • Identify under-utilized assets
  • Battery Backup with long-lasting, replaceable batteries
  • Ideal solution for rental equipment, trailer and dry van tracking

Non-powered Assets

  • Real-time tracking of non-powered or exposed assets
  • Easy to install and conceal, small and compact
  • Long-lasting, easily replaceable batteries
  • Rugged weatherproof & waterproof design, IP67 rated
  • High performance tracking is faster and more accurate
  • Ultra-sensitive, operates where other unit GPS signals fail such as container stacks
  • Integrated accelerometer detects movement
  • Designed for tracking shipping containers, freight, trailers, skip bins, and more

Locate & Deploy Equipment Faster

Real-time data provides total visibility of powered and non-powered asset in a single intuitive dashboard so you can easily locate and deploy assets quickly and efficiently.  And, you can easily switch from “track” to “locate” over the air. OTA (over-the-air) capabilities allow you to receive system updates, change the system parameters, and fully manage the data and device wirelessly.

Gain Insight into Asset Utilization

Understand how your assets are being used and identify equipment with low ROI. Track actual asset usage for improved accuracy billing and labor costs. Maximize revenue potential by knowing what is really happening with your assets.

Protect Assets from Unauthorized Use

If your assets move when they should be dormant, geofence alerts notify you of unauthorized use. Real-time tracking allows you to locate and recover stolen assets to minimize damage, costs and recover assets quickly.   

Proactive Maintenance and Service

Protect your assets by tracking wear and tear.  Schedule and receive maintenance alerts to optimize the performance of your fleet and prevent costly downtime.

Flexible Configuration

Flexible logging parameters allow you to decide what you want to track and how often you want it reported to you. Decide the parameters that make the most impact for your business such as elapsed time, distance traveled, speed changes, harsh driving and more.


Track and Manage Powered Assets

Track and Manage Non-Powered Assets