For more than 10 years, Cooltrax has helped companies across the globe manage their cold chain. We understand how hectic operations become inside large cool-store warehouses and understand the difficulty of managing a fleet, including:

  • The exact temperature of products
  • The exact location of product and drivers
  • Whether standard procedures are followed
  • If reefer units are functioning properly at all times


As the leader in temperature control monitoring and reporting, we offer a suite of solutions that cover the entire cold chain while allowing warehouse and fleet managers to know the exact temperature of all food-service fridges and reefer units in real-time.


Cooltrax enables industries across the cold chain to become more valuable to their customers by providing leading-edge technology to capture, monitor and report real-time temperatures in trailers, storage, in-store and at the product level.

Through our exclusive services, some of the benefits include:

  • Greater business intelligence resulting in revenue growth
  • Comprehensive temperature services
  • Increased product and food safety
  • Waste reduction and better asset utilization
  • Improvement in regulatory compliance
  • Increased employee productivity