Cooltrax Announces Next-Gen Temp Tracker for Cold Chain Fleet Management

Cooltrax, a global provider of industrial IoT solutions for cold chain fleet management, announces a flexible, low-cost solution for remote temperature monitoring.

Budget-conscious fleets with cold chain operations can deploy the new Temp Tracker micro wireless sensors from Cooltrax in trailers or fixed storage locations to proactively manage food safety compliance, customer service, and improve bottom-line performance.

“Temp Tracker is a cost-saving alternative to traditional, hardware heavy trailer telematics,” said Mike Sharpe, president of Cooltrax North America. “Additionally, warehouses can deploy the sensors to monitor all types of temperature-controlled climates.”

Cooltrax offers a complete refrigerated trailer asset and cargo management platform, Cooltrax Fresh InTransit, with the full functionality of real-time temperature controls and tracing of cargo conditions down to the product level.

“Many of our shipper and fleet customers who already use Cooltrax Fresh InTransit are finding beneficial use cases for Temp Tracker for rental trailers or assets that are being used for temporary storage,” Sharpe added.

Next-generation Temp Tracker sensors have a 10-year battery life and install within minutes to monitor return air temperatures in single or multiple trailer zones and compartments. When multiple sensors are used, the data synchronously transmits to the cloud-based Temp Tracker platform through a local gateway connected to 4G cellular networks.

The Cooltrax web portal for Temp Tracker has a variety of automated temperature reporting tools and data visualizations that include satellite map imagery. Instant email or SMS text message alerts are sent if configurable temperature values fall out-of-range.

The micro sensors continuously track temperatures and report updates every 15 minutes. With embedded motion detection and geofencing technologies, the sensors can automatically record trip start/stop and arrival times and report the temperature record during transit for a seamless cold chain proof-of-delivery process.

About Cooltrax

For more than 10 years, Cooltrax has helped companies across the globe operate their businesses more efficiently, with a suite of solutions that provide unparalleled visibility and control of their entire cold chain while providing warehouse and fleet managers the analytics and real-time data to manage all their cold storage locations and reefer units with confidence resulting in improved ROI. Cooltrax enables transportation, logistics, wholesale, and retail companies to become more valuable to their customers by providing visibility and actionable supply chain insights through its real-time industrial IoT platform and family of wireless environmental sensors to cover trailers, storage, in-store and at product level.

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