Cooltrax Enables Innovation with Canadian Pacific Launch of New Containers

August 21, 2018 – Atlanta, GA – Cooltrax, a global leader in temperature control monitoring and reporting, has announced that Fresh inTransit™ will be deployed within new refrigerated containers purchased by Canadian Pacific Railway (CP). The new containers feature a slimmer design refrigeration unit that allows for loading of up to two additional pallets, while also using a greener refrigerant that improves overall operating performance. Adding Cooltrax technology to this innovative design allows for enhanced visibility into temperature ranges, which is critical for products that require temperature-controlled environments for shipping, handling and storage.

“Cooltrax recognizes that shippers and transportation providers face growing scrutiny in ensuring that product temperatures are maintained and monitored throughout the entire cold chain logistics process. We are delighted that our Fresh inTransit technology has been selected to further advance the leadership position Canadian Pacific has taken to drive enhanced visibility and improved reliability for the overall market,” said Mike Sharpe, president, Cooltrax North America.

“Our primary focus at CP is to offer reliable, efficient services that help our customers achieve their objectives, which include delivery of products and services across many geographic regions,” said Jonathan Wahba, vice president, sales and marketing – intermodal, CP. “Installing Cooltrax technology will deliver an unprecedented level of innovation, and more importantly, give CP temperature visibility and control, which is crucial as the industry is facing growing challenges to ensure products are handled and delivered safely and within required temperature ranges.”

Cooltrax Fresh inTransit delivers improved visibility into the handling of temperature-controlled products. Through the Cooltrax Business Intelligence dashboard, one can monitor product-level temperatures in real-time within custom pre-defined ranges. Additionally, one can see the speed of product movement, as well as the timing and duration of door-opening events.


For more than 10 years, Cooltrax has helped companies across the globe manage their cold chain, with a suite of solutions that cover the entire cold chain while allowing warehouse and fleet managers to know the exact temperature of all their cold storage locations and reefer units in real-time. Cooltrax enables industries to become more valuable to their customers by providing leading-edge technology to capture, monitor and report real-time temperatures in trailers, storage, in-store and at the product level. For more information, contact us by clicking here.