Cooltrax integrates with AEM’s Electric-powered Transport Refrigeration Units

Integration provides real-time visibility of temperature, operating data for AEM’s all-electric TRU

ATLANTA (PRWEB) OCTOBER 29, 2020 – Cooltrax, a global provider of industrial IoT solutions for cold chain fleet management, announces a strategic partnership with Phoenix-based Advanced Energy Machines. This exciting collaboration gives fleets real-time visibility of temperatures and related operating information from the AEM groundbreaking All-Electric transport refrigeration unit (TRU).

AEM is the frontrunner in the electrification of refrigerated trailers with a completely electric, solar-powered TRU that leverages proprietary battery and solar technologies developed by Ronald and Robert Koelsch. The two co-founders of AEM are engineers with decades of experience designing and developing next-generation technology for the automotive and aerospace industries.

AEM’s electric equivalent for diesel-powered TRUs delivers ample charging hours to support the needs of fleets with demanding requirements, such as food and beverage distributors, that deliver perishable products on multi-stop truck routes.

With the Cooltrax integration, fleets gain real-time telemetry and exception management for battery levels, power state, compartment temperatures, door events and more when they adopt the next-generation technology from AEM.

“Cooltrax has existing customers that actively manage their fleets today with telemetry and temperature data, and these same early adopters are placing orders for our electric units,” stated Robert Koelsch – Founding Partner of AEM. “Food Distributors already rely on Cooltrax to deliver real-time information, and the integration of Cooltrax with our AEM proprietary onboard data is a natural evolution.”

As state and federal laws for diesel emissions continue to evolve, the transportation industry is looking for solutions to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. CARB laws in California, for example, will eventually require fleets to eliminate all diesel emissions.

“As you can imagine,” continued Koelsch, “moving from the old reliable diesel engine to electric brings some pause. Fleets can be assured that their TRUs are charged and performing as good or better than the old diesel units from the integration of our technology with the Cooltrax Fresh IoT platform.”

“The partnership with AEM gives food distributors and other types of fleets the ability to visualize electric units within the same Cooltrax IoT platform they already use to manage diesel-powered trucks, trailers and temperatures at their distribution facilities”, explained Brad Bartlett, Senior Vice President of Cooltrax.

“Companies already rely on Cooltrax to ensure temperature in transit. Now, more than ever, they will leverage our integration with AEM to validate that units are charged and exceed the cooling performance of their traditional reefer units,” he said.

About AEM

From semiconductors to semi-trailers, AEM founders Ronald and Robert Koelsch have been engineering innovative products and building specialized business relationships for over thirty years. AEM combines years of education and experience in engineering, science, industry, sales, marketing and business management with patented technology to provide customers with products that are reliable, cost-effective, and commercially viable. For more information visit

About Cooltrax

For more than 10 years, Cooltrax has helped companies across the globe manage cold chain operations more efficiently and effectively. The Cooltrax IoT platform offers unparalleled visibility from a family of wireless environmental sensors that provide real-time temperatures and event data down to the product-level in trailers, storage facilities and storefronts. The cold chain management platform has the added functionality of two-way remote command and control communications with transport refrigeration units.