Cooltrax Introduces Suite of Advanced, Affordable Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Grocery Industry

Company Offering Live Demonstrations of Award-Winning Solutions During 2023 NGA Show in Las Vegas

Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 27, 2023 – Cooltrax, global provider of award-winning cold chain management solutions, will introduce its full suite of next-generation temperature monitoring solutions for the grocery industry during this week’s National Grocers Association (NGA) Show in Las Vegas. The company’s advanced, affordable Fresh InTransit® solutions, which can be experienced in NGA Show booth 1548, offer real-time location tracking as well as refrigerated asset and product level temperature monitoring for refrigerated trucks and trailers as well as storage locations and mixed operations.

Cooltrax logo above Fresh InTransit screen with reefer trailers in the background

Recipient of the Food Logistics “Top Software & Technology Providers” award, Cooltrax works closely with food retailers and wholesalers, food/consumer packaged goods manufacturers and other industry businesses to quickly and cost-efficiently achieve full compliance with FSMA and customer requirements. Cooltrax users also experience increased safety performance, stronger customer loyalty, dramatically reduced product spoilage, lower insurance costs and other benefits.

“Our technologies provide continuous, detailed visibility into trucks, trailers and products at every stage of the transportation cycle – and unlike many alternatives, they can be implemented very quickly and affordably,” said Cooltrax President Mike Sharpe.

Cooltrax Fresh InTransit solutions help grocery industry businesses master ever-evolving temperature management issues by monitoring the operation of truck and trailer-based refrigerated units, and measuring internal ambient compartment temperature, product temperature and the amount of time truck/trailer doors are open during the delivery process. The solutions communicate these measurements, in real time, through customer-defined protocols to enable users to quickly identify and address any emerging issue that could impact food safety.

The Fresh InTransit suite also includes the completely wireless, plug-and-play Cooltrax TempTracker® remote temperature monitoring solution, which enables cold chain fleets to even more quickly and inexpensively achieve food safety compliance. The system, which can feed data to the Cooltrax Fresh InTransit telematics platform or work as a standalone solution, installs in just minutes.

To learn more about Cooltrax temperature management solutions, please visit or call 877-667-6868.

About Cooltrax

Cooltrax is a global industrial technology company connecting every step of the food logistics channel through the utilization of IoT data that provides unparalleled visibility and control of the entire cold chain. The Cooltrax suite of solutions – including Cooltrax Fresh InTransit cold chain management solution, Cooltrax Fresh compliance portal, Cooltrax Reefer Tracker solutions and others – provides analytics and real-time data to help manage all cold storage locations and refrigerated assets with unsurpassed accuracy to positively impact revenue and ROI.

In 2003, Cooltrax was founded in Australia after patenting technology that served the farm-to-fork cold chain in the Australian outback. Now nearly 20 years later, Cooltrax is an award-winning leading cold chain solutions provider for transportation, logistics, wholesale and retail companies around the globe. For more information, visit