Cooltrax Fresh InStore provides real-time actionable data giving you insights into all your temperature controlled locations. With Cooltrax environmental monitoring, you gain visibility into cooling and temperature trends to help with shelf-life maximization and, ultimately better-purchasing decisions.

With a Cooltrax Fresh IoT Solution, you are able to connect and monitor food safety compliance in one central portal. With the Cooltrax suite of solutions you get unparalleled visibility and control of your entire cold chain . Analyze historical data in your temperature controlled locations to maximize your refrigeration assets and save energy, resulting in improved ROI.

Real-time visibility of all environmental temperature conditions, anywhere in the world, 24-7/365

Fully wireless design, deploy anywhere with ease

Use the Cooltrax Fresh platform to view temperature logs, run customized reports, and ensure compliance

Temperature reports formatted to meet legislated food and safety requirements scheduled and emailed automatically

Threshold notifications via text and email. Discover fridge failures and human error before product is lost

Automatically record temperatures to streamline costly, labor-intensive and error-prone and manual checks.