Lobster Place Automates Food Safety Compliance with Cooltrax Technology


Cooltrax, a global leader of remote temperature control and monitoring solutions, today announces the largest retail seafood market on the East Coast, Lobster Place, is automating food safety compliance with an industrial IoT platform.

Lobster Place began using the IoT solution, Cooltrax Fresh InStore, after re-opening its Chelsea Market storefront in downtown Manhattan following a gut renovation. The company deployed IoT sensors inside HVAC ducts and 10 different cold storage points for food and beverages that include walk-in freezers, customer reach-in-display units, under-the-counter fridges and wine coolers.

Lobster Place stores various seafood items at different temperatures — some are kept colder than others — with upper control limits set to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Store managers as well as team members at its retail counters receive instant email alerts if any exceptions occur at the storage points. A central web portal also provides visibility and data insights that have proven valuable for managing compliance.

“The real-time alerts and detailed logs of temperature range data provided by Cooltrax Fresh InStore are vitally important to us, especially during the summer months. We are able to immediately respond to refrigeration issues and ensure the food we serve to our customers is always safe,” said Davis Herron, Director of Retail & Restaurant, Lobster Place.

With Cooltrax Fresh InStore, Lobster Place is also able to respond immediately to audit requests from government agencies such as the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets. “We can print any date ranges to demonstrate what the temperature was, and if there was a spike, show what we did to resolve it,” said Herron.

In addition to retail customers, Cooltrax IoT platforms and wireless environmental sensors are widely used by shippers, transportation and logistics companies for real-time cold chain monitoring and automation of food safety compliance. The technology can be deployed in trailers and containers with reefer units to gain two-way controls and temperature monitoring at the product level.

“Having real-time visibility of exceptions is critical for any business with a cold supply chain. Loss prevention is also vitally important, especially for expensive items like fresh seafood,” said Mike Sharpe, President, Cooltrax North America. “We commend Lobster Place for taking a proactive and automated approach that ensures the highest standards of food safety and quality are always met.”

About Cooltrax

For more than 10 years, Cooltrax has helped companies across the globe operate their businesses more efficiently, with a suite of solutions that provide unparalleled visibility and control of their entire cold chain while providing warehouse and fleet managers the analytics and real-time data to manage all their cold storage locations and reefer units with confidence resulting in improved ROI. Cooltrax enables transportation, logistics, wholesale, and retail companies to become more valuable to their customers by providing visibility and actionable supply chain insights through its real-time industrial IoT platform and family of wireless environmental sensors to cover trailers, storage, in-store and at product level.