As a product moves throughout the entire cold chain, inevitably they will pass through a warehouse, distribution center or other cold stores before reaching the end consumer. In some cases, the product may spend an extended period of time in these facilities, from hours to days before being sent off to retail shelves. Due to the nature of this segment of the cold chain, large amounts of product are often at risk for cold storage warehouse temperature fluctuation, which can have a substantial economic impact. Ensure you stay compliant with food safety monitoring for warehouses and cold chain tracking from Cooltrax.

Cooltrax provides cold chain solutions and food safety monitoring for warehouses, management in your warehouse and cold stores to ensure correct temperatures are maintained at all times. Cooltrax Fresh InStore alerts you via text, email or through our web dashboard if there appears to be a problem with the temperature in the warehouse and/or cold store to give you enough advance warning to take the appropriate corrective action.

In addition, the Cooltrax Fresh food safety platform provides visibility and actionable supply chain insights. Through the visibility Cooltrax provides, companies can insure internal standard operating procedures and best practices are being followed which translates into substantial cost savings over time.

If you are a food producer and your goods are in a third party warehouse or cold store which has a Cooltrax system, then you will be able to see the current temperature of your goods in real time. If the warehouse or cold store does not have the Cooltrax cold storage monitoring system, then the Cooltrax tag can collect the temperature data in logger mode and upload the data once it is returned back to your base, proving temperature control and compliance.

Cooltrax Fresh InStore is a cold storage monitoring system that provides real-time actionable data giving you insights into all your locations. With a Cooltrax Fresh solution, you are able to monitor all your cold storage and warehouses in one central web portal.