To ensure safe food temperatures and FSMA compliance, invest in a cloud-based solution that can grow with your business.

As a food retailer, distributor, or transporter – or a as a company that plays in all these spaces – no investment you can make in your business is as important as the technology to ensure food safety and FSMA compliance.

But as with any investment, the more you invest the greater the risk. What if you buy an end-to-end solution that doesn’t work as promised? What if your business needs change? What if you end up buying more of a solution than your team is equipped to handle?

These are realistic concerns when buying a solution to monitor food temperatures across your entire cold chain. There is a way to avoid them, however: invest in an affordable, scalable, cloud-based solution. When you do, you minimize the risks associated with going all in on a solution that may not deliver the ROI you expect because it was too much too soon for your business.

So, what does a scalable solution look like? You can buy a remote temperature monitoring system that you can use across your entire cold chain – or any part of it – and that incorporates sensor devices that can track both ambient and food temperatures. As these devices connect to a cloud-based platform, you can easily add more sensors as your business grows or expands. And once your team has adapted to using the solution and is ready to make more data-based strategic decisions, you’ll be in a great position to scale up your cloud-based dashboard solution to a more sophisticated platform.

Here are some additional benefits of buying a scalable, cloud-based temperature monitoring solution:

Ease of installation. Installing a compliance system across your entire cold chain can be both a complicated and expensive undertaking. These new, scalable solutions can be easily installed and the devices themselves are preconfigured and plug-and-play, which eliminates both set-up time and downtime.

Limit your initial commitment. With these solutions you can use the devices for any cold chain application, including in trucks and trailers, trailer yards, warehouses and distribution centers, cold cabinets and storage rooms, farm cool rooms, retail and grocery storefronts, and cool storage units. One huge advantage of this multi-use solution is that you have the option to deploy it in a single environment or for a single application, which allows you to become familiar with how it works before you embark on a wider implementation.

The power of data. If you have operations that span the cold chain, you’ll have a need for temperature data at multiple points or locations. With a scalable solution, you’ll not only be able to access the data you need to better manage your operations – and view that combined data on a single dashboard – but you’ll also be able to easily expand your collection points and bring additional data sources online as needed.

It’s About Flexibility

When it comes to getting the most out of your temperature monitoring investment, what you will likely need most is flexibility. With a scalable, cloud-based solution, you can have that flexibility while laying the groundwork for your future temperature monitoring needs.

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