From easy-to-install sensors to easy-to-use data, a temperature monitoring system is a simple yet game-changing solution that pays off in multiple ways.

In the current business environment, fleet operators, grocers, and others who transport or handle food seemingly find themselves challenged at every turn. High fuel and equipment prices, product shortages, supply chain issues, a sellers’ labor market for talent, especially drivers – it’s all a lot to juggle.

Unfortunately, in navigating these issues there is little room for error – especially when it comes to managing the cold chain to ensure that the company remains FSMA compliant, and food is kept at a safe temperature until it reaches consumers.

Companies that transport or handle food understand this, but how they choose to address this risk varies significantly.

Some do the bare minimum when it comes to temperature monitoring, tracking food or ambient temperatures at some but not all points in the cold chain.

Others, meanwhile, rely on solutions provided by software vendors to capture temperature data alongside the sometimes overwhelming wealth of other data about their fleets, including location, utilization, status, performance, and maintenance needs. These software systems are, indeed, powerful assets for fleet operators, but they may not provide a sufficient solution when it comes to temperature monitoring.

The Best Option

The best, safest, and most capable option is a simple, dedicated temperature monitoring system built for the specific demands of transporting and storing temperature-sensitive food. Such a system captures easy-to-use temperature data across the entire supply chain, monitors and controls temperatures around the clock, and provides customizable alerts to identify trouble spots.

This game-changing secret weapon can provide multiple benefits, but it requires that you invest in the right solution from the right partner.

To make sure you invest in the temperature monitoring system that will provide peace of mind and mitigate risk, look for the following:

A complete solution for the entire cold chain
While most fleet software systems are designed primarily for providing a variety of fleet data, they aren’t designed to address the demands of the full cold chain, which can include cold rooms and other non-fleet environments. They also may not provide both the critical product-level and ambient readings you need 24/7 to monitor temperature across the full journey.

To get the peace of mind that comes from comprehensive, end-to-end temperature monitoring, you need a solution that’s up to the job.

Integration with your equipment
Look for a temperature monitoring provider that offers a solution that will seamlessly integrate with your equipment, especially your refrigerator trucks. The best solutions will integrate with the major brands, such as Carrier and Thermo King, and provide bi-directional control – to both monitor and provide alerts to actively adjust temps, when needed.

Deep experience in temperature monitoring
While temperature monitoring is an add-on to many fleet software systems, it likely won’t provide the full capability of a dedicated temperature monitoring system. These dedicated solutions are usually the result of the expertise and experience of industry professionals who fully understand the importance of temperature monitoring and know how to address the unique challenges it can present.

This expertise and experience can be the difference between having a foolproof temperature monitoring safety net and a “good enough” solution that may not measure up.

Exceptional customer service
While temperature sensors can generally be installed with relative ease, problems or issues with equipment or connectivity during installation or afterward can result in holes in your temperature monitoring safety net. You’ll want to work with a temperature monitoring partner who will provide great customer support and ensure that the solution works properly to keep food safe.

Ability to protect your bottom line
An investment in a temperature monitoring solution can – and should – pay multiple dividends. It can keep your company FSMA compliant. It can keep food – and consumers – safe. It can protect against the need for costly recalls. It can guard against the loss of salable food. It can preserve your company’s reputation. It can be an insurance policy protecting your business and its bottom line.

The only way to get all these critical items is to work with a temperature monitoring partner that can provide the right solution, expertise, and support.

Seek Easy and Reliable

A dedicated temperature monitoring solution should be worth every penny of your investment, but not all are created equal.

Seek the solution that will work best for your business and your cold chain – as well as a solutions partner that will work with you to make temperature monitoring easy, reliable, and impactful to your bottom line.

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