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Cheney Brothers Partner Profile

Industry: Foodservice Distribution

Challenge: Cheney Brothers, a broadline foodservice distributor, has a fleet of vehicles with trailer doors that are opened and closed frequently. The delivery operations require close monitoring of food temperatures, since any temperature variation may affect product freshness or can cause product to spoil and result in an entire delivery being rejected.


Cheney Brothers is a leading broadline foodservice distributor headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, and has been a family owned and operated business since 1925. The business has grown to world-wide distribution with over 1.5-million-square feet of distribution space. As one of the fastest growing broadline distributors in the U.S., the foodservice distributor offers inventory from more than 15,000 suppliers. For additional information, please visit


By implementing the Cooltrax Fresh inTransit wireless temperature monitoring and management solution, Cheney Brothers gained instant visibility and real-time data for handling temperature-controlled products. The industrial IoT solution provides independent temperature and product-level monitoring in addition to reefer trailer data for cold chain visibility and food safety.


  • Knowing the timing and duration of door-opening activity
  • Monitoring product-level temperatures within custom, pre-defined ranges
  • Identifying route inefficiencies in real time
  • Maximizing trailer capacity
  • Delivering a better service to customers

“ Our customers depend on us to be reliable and consistent in the products we deliver now more than ever. Through our partnership with Cooltrax, we exceed these expectations every single day.”

Keith Sanders, Senior Warehouse Management System Manager, Cheney Brothers


The Cooltrax Fresh inTransit solution uses reefer asset and product-level cargo trackers that provide location-based temperature monitoring from the storage facilities to the reefer units onto the final delivery points.

Data captured by the trackers is wirelessly transmitted to servers in the cloud, processed and instantly available to end users through the exclusive Cooltrax Business Intelligence dashboard. Cheney Brothers uses the dashboard as single pane of glass, customized by user roles and responsibilities, for unparalleled visibility and control of its cold chain operations.

The dashboard provides fleet managers with real-time analytics, data visualizations and remote command and control functions to start and stop reefer units, as well as change temperature set points, to ensure reliable and consistent food quality while boosting asset utilization.


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